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How Does Yours Compare to Other Church Capital Campaign Programs?


There are a lot of church capital campaign companies, some of them quite expensive, that will help your church with its capital campaign.  Since almost every capital campaign consultant follows the same basic process that is based on generally accepted best practices, how do you compare and select the one that is best for your church campaign?

While price will play a role, it should not necessarily be the deciding factor.  You need to find a firm and consultant that is a good spiritual and personality fit for your church and that is flexible in their ability to provide you the level of service you require.

What makes us unique is that an Abundant Giving campaign…

  1. Is spiritually uplifting.

  2. Focuses on stirring the heart through clear biblical preaching and Bible study

  3. Is led by consultants with sensitivity to local church culture

  4. Is effective–averages 2 times annual giving in 3-year commitments

  5. Is flexible–implemented using time-tested best practices adapted to your unique culture and situation.

  6. Does not use home visits.

  7. Does not have the consultant ask anyone to give.

  8. Increases weekly offerings an average of 10-15 percent.

  9. Can meet the church fundraising needs and budgets of congregations from 70 to over 4,000 members.

  10. Is equally suitable and effective for raising money for new construction, renovation and repairs or debt retirement.

  11. Cost effective enough for small churches, yet flexible and powerful enough to have raised over $9.5 million in a single church campaign.

  12. A complete, turn-key capital fundraising campaign that includes professionally designed church capital campaign themes and customized communication materials.

Abundant Giving provides differing levels of delivery options ranging from a Virtual Capital Campaign to the conventional model of a significant on-site presence by your capital campaign consultant

While our consultants offer extensive support, our approach is church-centered rather than consultant-centered. We help you recruit a team to lead your own people into generous and sacrificial giving.

Also, we believe preparing you for a campaign requires more than reading a book or attending a seminar. It requires…

  1. Communicating a clear understanding of the biblical basis of stewardship

  2. Organizing a properly equipped team

  3. Comprehensive training and support materials

  4. The ability to adapt proven practices to your unique situation, based on experience

  5. Timeline and task management

  6. An objective viewpoint that is difficult to get from within the church

  7. Examples of communication materials

  8. Ongoing support and encouragement throughout the entire campaign

At the end of the day, your church needs to find the firm and consultant that is a good fit for your church, one that can provide the level of support you need and do it at a price that you can afford.

We believe that Abundant Giving provides an unprecedented level of training, documentation, support, committed and experienced campaign consultants, and cost effectiveness.  We would be pleased to compare our church capital campaign with any that you are considering and assist you in discovering what program might be the best for you.  

We don’t claim to be all things for all people. There may be another solution out there that is better for you than ours and, if so, we say “Praise the Lord!”


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