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Feasibility Studies

Do You Know for Sure You're Ready to Build?


 We help churches identify their ministry space needs, translate those needs into land and building requirements, and create a feasible plan to make it happen.

 Is Uncertainty about Your
Building Project Holding You Back?

Church Stewardship

Maybe you’re asking these common questions:

What do we need to build and why?

Where should we build and why?

What can we afford to build and how will we pay for it?

Are our people ready to raise funds and build?

We believe you shouldn’t have to delay or risk your building project because you lack the right information.

 Hi! I'm Dr. Rod Rogers 

With the feasibility study process we’ve been using since 2006, I can help you objectively answer the questions that are hindering your project. 

As a result, you will have the information you need to move forward in unity and confidence. 

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 Virtual and On-Site Feasibility Studies

Online Congregational Survey

Get confidential feedback about your church’s health.

Ministry Space Study

Get an objective analysis of your current and future ministry space needs 

Comprehensive Feasibility Report

Receive a comprehensive written report with objective advice for confident implementation of a building project. 

Financial Review

Determine your financial capacity and readiness to build. 

Personal Interviews with Leaders and Members

Determine your church’s leadership and membership readiness to build. 

Feasibility Study Report

Meet virtually with me and your leaders to discuss the feasibility study conclusions.

What Are Our Fees?

Our prices vary based on the size of your church and range from $30,000 to $50,000.

Church Offering

The Feasibility Study Process

Step 1: Schedule your free consultation

We’ll talk so I can understand your church’s needs, answer all your questions, and determine how we can help you.

Step 2: Complete the feasibility study

I’ll identify your space needs, translate them into land and building requirements, and create a written plan for a successful building project.

Step 3: Confidently launch your building project

You will know exactly what next steps you need to take to implement a successful building project.

Download a Real Feasibility Study Report

Grace Giving

Still not sure about the value of a feasibility study? Read this sample report to see what it includes.

(All identifying details have been edited to protect the privacy of the church.)



Peter Leal, Jr.
Associate Pastor
Victory Church

I am a pastor at a church in central CT of around five hundred people and in 2021 we knew that God was calling us to begin to build a new facility to reach more people in our local area. We contacted Rod Rogers at Abundant Giving and he began to work on the Needs and Feasibility study for our needs. The experience has been—in a word—incredible. The Feasibility study was jam-packed with information that has been invaluable in helping us to plan for the future. The demographic breakdown of our local area compared to those demographics within the church helped us to know how we were doing in terms of reaching people of all backgrounds and situations. Also, the precise calculations made for the total square footage needed to build in accommodating everyone and everything who would come and take place in the new facility has given us confidence looking forward to talking with architects and making our future vision more concrete. Having Rod personally there walking us through all of the details was reassuring and confidence-producing for our leaders and members. I would highly recommend Rod Rogers and Abundant Giving for a Feasibility study.

Offering and Tithes

Al Stephenson


Northside Baptist

The attention to detail, professionalism, and high energy level Dr. Rogers brought throughout our feasibility process played a key role in its success. Throughout this process Dr. Rogers showed a passion for helping our church prepare for the future and to help Northside reach lost people in our community. His use of personal interviews, online surveys and personally visiting our church helped us identify things our church is doing well and areas of opportunity to improve and grow. His recommendations for our church are being carefully considered by church leadership and I fully expect most, if not all of them, to be implemented in the next few months. I would strongly encourage any church contemplating a building/capital program to consider using Dr. Rogers’ services.

Church Stewardship

John Brock

Pastor Emeritus
New Hope Church

Without speaking in exaggeration or hyperbole, Abundant Giving saved New Hope Church at least $1,000,000 and who knows how many hours of frustration and endless dead-ends, not to mention the discouragement that accompanies those problems. That’s just what we saved. Because of their objective needs and feasibility process, New Hope Church also gained a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, which led to a customized strategy for an expansion phase. I shudder to think of the mistakes we would have made (let alone the dollars that would have been wasted) without this engagement.

Church Building Guide

This book may be the best investment you make in your entire church building program.

It is a small investment that can save you time, effort, stress, and precious dollars in your church construction effort.

Church Offerings
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