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Meet Rod & Stephen

Dad and me with pastor Tood cutt off the

Stephen & Rod with Pastor Todd at The Anchor Bible Church

Grace Giving

Dr. Rod Rogers

I remember how stressful it was as a church planting pastor to need a better facility with no idea how to raise the funds. In my desperation, I hired a church capital campaign consultant.

With his guidance, I led my church through three very successful consecutive 3-year campaigns. He was so impressed with the results of our first campaign that he suggested I leave the pastorate and join him in church consulting. 

I responded, “But I don’t want to be a church capital campaign consultant! I want to preach the word.”

Of course, I learned a lot about running biblical capital campaigns by working with our consultant. And, although I wasn't interested in consulting, God had other plans. Obviously. 

Thirteen years later, in 2007, I led my first capital campaign as a consultant. And I led my first fully virtual church capital campaign in 2010.

Since then, I've helped many churches raise millions of dollars with ROIs from 30:1 to 90:1.

So, if you’d like to have the joy of raising 2 times annual giving in 3-year commitments, increasing your weekly offerings by 10 to 15%, and building the facilities you need to expand your ministry, book your free consultation today.


Stephen Rogers

I’m the co-owner with Rod Rogers (my dad) of Abundant Giving Church Capital Campaigns. We work together on every campaign to make sure churches get the best support possible. 


Growing up as a PK and CK (“Preacher’s Kid” and “Consultant’s Kid”) I have been immersed and trained in church life, church leadership, and church consulting since childhood. I have even had the privilege of ministering alongside my dad in three different churches. 


Also, for many years I worked as a tent-making missionary teaching English as a second language. In the process, I was able to share the gospel with over 400 students from many countries. 


I believe there is nothing more important in the world than leading people to Christ and teaching them to be obedient disciples of Jesus. That’s why I love guiding churches through our biblical program to expand their ministries and reach the world for Christ.

If you'd like to chat, email me at

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