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Can’t We Just Buy a Book or Go to a Stewardship Seminar?

Offering and Tithes

Low-cost seminars are often just sales tools to sell you a bigger consulting engagement package. While you may attend a seminar, or pick up a book or tape, and learn a few things, you will have a more effective and less stressful campaign if you get professional help. There is no substitute for experience that comes from having done something over and over for years, in different churches and in different circumstances.  


Running a church capital campaign is like learning to fly.  You can read all the books you want, but it won’t make you a pilot.


On average, churches that do not obtain professional assistance raise about half of what they would have otherwise raised. In many campaigns, this translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars over the 3-year giving period.

If you think about it in these terms, it will help put the investment in a capital campaign consultant in a different light.


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