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Fees & Options

Offering and Tithes

Our Fees

The return on investment ranges from 10:1 to 116:1. The larger your project, the greater your return.

For more information about our campaign options and free bonuses, see below.


(No Upfront Fees or Travel Expenses)

Virtual +1

1 Visit to Train & Encourage
(Small Upfront Fee Plus Expenses)

Virtual +2

2 Visits to Train & Encourage 
(Small Upfront Fee Plus Expenses)

Campaign Options

Church Stewardship

There are several ways to achieve your church capital campaign objectives. All of them will work, although some options provide greater value than others. 

If your church is interested in adding on-site consulting visits to the purely Virtual Campaign, please see options 2 and 3 below. 

You have flexibility in choosing the return most attractive in relation to the following consulting programs:

Option 1: Virtual Campaign (No Upfront Fees or Travel Expenses) 
The Complete Abundant Giving Church Capital Campaign Program

Option 2: Virtual +1 Campaign  (1 On-site Visit) 
Includes the Complete Abundant Giving Church Capital Campaign Program from Option 1 plus:


  • 1 on-site visit of 4 to 6 days by Rod and Stephen Rogers for training, accountability, and encouragement for your campaign team. 

  • We will schedule the visit early in your campaign preparation to meet with the church board and leaders and to train the executive directors. 

  • Monthly reminders and support as you follow our 3-year Follow-up plan.

Option 3: Virtual +2 Campaign  (2 On-site Visits) 
Includes everything listed in Options 1 and 2 plus:


  • An extra on-site visit of 4 to 6 days by one of our consultants for additional training, accountability, and encouragement for your campaign team. 

  • On-site training for the small group leaders.

  • On-site presentation of the bonus church health survey results.

  • On-site training for the pastor and staff in the implementation of our bonus Dynamic Giving™ Annual Giving program.


For Options 2 and 3 our consulting fees do not include the consultants' travel costs which will be billed as incurred with payments due immediately. 

Also not included are the costs for 1) the design, printing, and mailing of the Communications Materials, 2) the Kickoff Event, or 3) the Advance Commitments Event.
Remember: Even these “costs” are an investment, not an “expense,” in raising more money for your project.

Your Bonuses

The following bonuses apply to all 3 Campaign Options:

BONUS 1: Annual Giving Program (A $25,000 value.)

We will provide and train you in the implementation of our Dynamic Giving™ program for use on the 1st and 2nd-year anniversaries of Commitment Sunday (and annually thereafter for no extra fee) to increase weekly giving by 10 to 57 percent and reinforce the capital campaign giving commitments.

BONUS 2: Church Health Survey (A $9,000 Value.)

We will provide a church health analysis using a professional online survey including 10 custom questions to assess your congregation’s readiness for a successful capital campaign and building program. This bonus includes a professional analysis of the survey results, a written report, and next-step coaching for the board and pastoral staff based on the survey results.

Church Offerings
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