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Capital Campaigns

Helping Biblical Churches
Expand Their Ministry

Rod Rogers church capital campaign consultant

Want to Raise Funds for Your Ministry Without Stress

Let me help you do it biblically from a pastor’s perspective.

I’m Dr. Rod Rogers. While pastoring the church I planted, I learned how to effectively teach God’s word on stewardship so that people joyfully responded with generous giving. In the process, I realized that nothing bad happens when you talk about money. There's no need for stress!

Our Services

Biblically raise 1 to 3 times annual giving to build, remodel, or retire debt. 


Get an objective analysis of what your church needs and can afford to build.

Biblically increase annual giving 10 to 60 percent in five weeks.

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Watch Dr. Rod

Teach Stewardship

in 5 Minutes. 

Excerpt from a church capital campaign sermon. 

Click here to see the full video.

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Why Work With Us?

We are Bible-believing Christians who base our stewardship programs on the power of God's word. Bible teaching churches love us because we excel in the use of biblical preaching and small group Bible studies to increase faith and stimulate generosity.  And we provide all the sermons and Bible study materials you need. 

We base our programs on Bible teaching.

We get consistently excellent results.

In our capital campaigns, we average 2 times annual giving in 3-year commitments along with 10 to 15 percent increases in general fund offerings. In our annual giving programs, offerings increase by 10 to 60 percent in 5 weeks. You can be confident that if you follow our programs exactly as designed, you will get a huge return on your consulting investment.

Many people find fundraising home visits awkward and uncomfortable. We agree. We help you communicate with your congregation through printed materials, preaching, small group Bible studies, and special campaign events.

We don’t use home visits.

Dr. Rod and Stephen Rogers, father, and son, are the owners and the sole consultants. A large capital campaign firm may assign you one of many employees with varying degrees of experience and commitment. But with us, you will always work directly with an owner who takes your success personally. 

We are a boutique, family-owned consulting firm whose consultants are personally invested in your success.

We work together on every campaign, giving you two consultants for the price of one.

No matter whether Dr. Rod or Stephen serves as your lead consultant, you get our combined wisdom and experience. As the wise old proverb says, “Two church stewardship consultants are better than one.”

We use a proven, repeatable process with each church to ensure your success.

Some church consulting firms promise to create a totally customized program for each church. While this is not only unrealistic, it is also not wise. Best practices in capital campaigns are recognized as such because they have been proven to work for many churches. So, it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel for each campaign. That said, our programs are flexible. We begin with the same biblical process that for 17 years has proven to raise millions of dollars for churches from many different denominations, then adapt it where necessary to fit your church’s unique culture. 


Dr. Steve Swartz
Senior Pastor

Grace Bible Church

Church Capital Campaign 

Our initial commitment was $157,378—much more than we had projected. On Commitment Sunday we received 3-year commitments of $939,040. These combined for a grand total of $1,096,418—over a million dollars. This is more than 2 times our annual giving of $525,829

Monica Vendsel
Campaign Director

Rock Harbor Church

Church Capital Campaign 

We received more than 2 times our annual giving in 3-year commitments! We couldn’t have done this without Abundant Giving’s professional help. Dr. Rod Rogers allowed us to adapt the program to our unique church culture and needs and was always available when we needed him. 

Dr. David Asch
Senior Pastor

Calvary Church

Annual Giving Consultation

Our general fund offerings for the month of May show a 57 percent increase over our average monthly offerings for both the past fiscal year and calendar year. For the past three years, our giving had been stagnant at best. We even saw a slight decrease this past year.

Image by Rod Long

Biblical fundraising is simply asking God’s people to give a contribution to the Lord from a willing heart for a project He has commanded.
(Exodus 35)

Dr. Rod Rogers

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