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Preparing to Build a Church?

Your Guide to Church Construction and Church Building Programs

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From concept to completion, your people will not undertake a more demanding or complicated task in terms of money, risk, and effort than it will in a church building program. Preparing to Build will educate and guide the church through the process of becoming prepared to build in a manner that will save time and reduce costly mistakes. If you are considering a church building program, Preparing to Build is an invaluable church building guide resource for equipping church leadership, church staff, or building committees on what to do, how to do it, and the right order in which to do things.

They don’t teach this in seminary and most church leaders are unequipped by experience or training to lead their flock through a church building program in the most optimum manner. Being prepared to build, in its simplest terms, means the church has objectively uncovered and quantified as many of the variables as possible and developed a building plan strategy within the financial ability of the church.

A congregation that is prepared for a church building program can articulate, based on factual analysis, what it needs to build to meet future needs, understands the real cost of construction, has measured its financial ability, and knows the vision can be built on the selected property.  In short, it knows that it knows what it needs, why it needs it, what it can afford, and how to pay for it. 

It’s about the process. The result of an objective process is an objective fact. In the absence of an objective process, all a church is left with is subjective opinion, and in a church of a few hundred people, you will have many opinions; and one person’s opinion is as good as any other’s opinion. Facts resolve these types of issues. Sadly, the lack of experience in a church building program on the part of the church puts it in the position where it does not even know what it does not know.  This lack of thorough understanding leads to gaps in knowledge and process that cost the church money, time, effort, and sometimes, a pastor. 

Preparing to Build discusses the process from visioning to selecting a builder and discusses topics including space planning, design, financing, church capital campaigns, land acquisition, organizing a building committee, and special information for smaller or start-up churches. The book has several appendices, including a readiness to build assessment.

Visit the Preparing to Build church building guide website for more information and to download your FREE 53 PAGE PREVIEW.


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