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Selecting a church capital campaign slogan is an important process that should align with your church's mission, values, and the specific goals of your campaign.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to choose an effective church capital campaign slogan:

1. Gather a Team

Form a small committee or team to oversee the slogan selection process.

Include members who are passionate about the campaign and understand the church's goals.

2. Understand Your Church's Vision and Goals

Begin by revisiting your church's mission statement and the objectives of your capital campaign.

Consider what you want to achieve through the campaign, such as building renovations, community outreach, or expanding ministries.

3. Identify Key Messages

Brainstorm the core messages or themes that resonate with your church's mission and campaign objectives.

These could be related to faith, community, growth, service, or any other relevant themes.

4. Consider Your Congregation

Take into account the demographics, beliefs, and values of your congregation.

The slogan should appeal to and resonate with your church members.

5. Gather Ideas

Encourage your team to brainstorm potential slogans based on the themes and messages you've identified.

Allow for creativity and don't limit yourselves at this stage.

6. Narrow Down the List

Review the list of slogans and narrow it down to a select few that best represent your church's vision and campaign goals.

Ensure they are concise and memorable.

7. Seek Input

Involve the broader congregation or a representative sample in the decision-making process.

You can do this through surveys, focus groups, or open discussions to gather feedback on the shortlisted slogans.

8. Consider Visual Appeal

Visual elements like logos and graphics can complement your slogan.

Ensure that the selected slogan can be easily incorporated into campaign materials, banners, and other promotional items.

9. Test for Memorability

Share the shortlisted slogans with a few church members and ask them to recall the slogans a day or two later.

A memorable slogan is more likely to resonate with the congregation.

10. Reflect on Long-Term Relevance

Think about whether the chosen slogan will remain relevant beyond the campaign's duration.

It should connect with the broader mission and values of the church.

11. Finalize and Approve

After gathering feedback and considering all factors, choose the slogan that best encapsulates your campaign's purpose and mission.

Seek approval from the church leadership and congregation if necessary.

12. Communicate and Promote

Once you've selected the slogan, communicate it to the congregation and promote it through various channels, including church newsletters, websites, social media, and campaign materials.

13. Incorporate the Slogan

Integrate the slogan into your capital campaign materials, including banners, brochures, websites, and any other promotional items.

14. Monitor and Evaluate

Continuously monitor how well the slogan resonates with your congregation and the impact it has on your campaign.

Be open to adjusting it if necessary based on feedback or changing campaign dynamics.


Choosing the right church capital campaign slogan requires careful consideration and alignment with your church's mission and goals.

Remember that a powerful slogan can inspire and motivate your congregation to support your campaign wholeheartedly.


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