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Church Capital Campaign Slogans

Picking a catchy church capital campaign slogan is important because it acts like the megaphone for your message.

It spells out what your campaign is all about, pumps up the crowd, and keeps everyone on the same page.

A great slogan inspires donors, makes folks feel like they're part of something bigger, and sticks in people's heads for the long haul.

So, nailing that slogan sets the stage for success and makes sure your church's vision shines brightly for years to come!

Following is a list of 50 church capital campaign slogans which you can use “as is” or as inspiration to create your own.

1. Building Hope, Renewing Faith

2. Faith in Action: Building Our Future

3. Raising Up Our House of Worship

4. A Strong Foundation for Our Faith

5. Building Bridges, Building Lives

6. Faith in Progress: Our Journey Begins

7. Together We Build, Together We Serve

8. Stones of Faith, Walls of Love

9. Building for God's Glory

10. Renewing Our Sanctuary, Reviving Our Souls

11. Our Faith, Our Future, Our Legacy

12. Investing in Our Spiritual Home

13. Building Community, Building Belief

14. Faith That Moves Mountains

15. Strengthening Our Faith, Enriching Our Community

16. Constructing a Legacy of Love

17. Building Together, Praying Together

18. Restoring Our Sacred Space

19. Building on a Strong Foundation of Faith

20. Together in Faith, Building for Tomorrow

21. Renewing Our Commitment to God

22. Laying the Stones of Faith

23. Bringing Our Vision to Life

24. Building a Brighter Future with Faith

25. Faithful Hearts, Steadfast Foundations

26. Blessing Our Sanctuary with Love

27. A House of Worship, A Heart of Faith

28. Uniting in Faith, Building in Love

29. Faith in Action: Together We Rise

30. Inspired by Faith, Building for Generations

31. Raising Up Our House of Prayer

32. Faith That Builds, Love That Sustains

33. Walking by Faith, Building with Love

34. Elevating Our Faith, Elevating Our Home

35. Building God's Kingdom, Brick by Brick

36. Restoring the Spirit of Our Church

37. Together We Build, Together We Bless

38. A Place of Worship, A Place of Grace

39. Renewing Our Commitment to Christ

40. Building Our Dreams on Faith

41. Faith in Our Future, Faith in Each Other

42. Building Faith, Building Community

43. Rebuilding Our Sanctuary, Rekindling Our Faith

44. Faithfully Building God's House

45. Building with Love, Serving with Faith

46. Faithful Hearts, Faithful Futures

47. Uniting in Faith, Building in Hope

48. Inspired by Faith, Guided by Love

49. Renewing Our Church, Renewing Our Spirit

50. Building God's Home, Building Our Hearts


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