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Church Building Consultants

Grace Giving

A church building consultant can help your church become prepared to build while helping avoid mistakes. As church building consultants and capital campaign consultants, all of our efforts at Abundant Giving are centered around helping churches in their expansion efforts.

We bring the full scope of our experience to every church building project, regardless of the type of engagement. Our depth of experience and expertise as both church building consultants and capital campaign consultants allows us to take a holistic approach in our coaching and consulting solutions.

Because a church can’t know what it doesn't know, a church building consultant can help ask the right questions at the right time. The church is usually well advised to undertake a church needs and feasibility study to ask and answer the following questions:

  1. Does the church really need to build?

  2. If the church needs to build, what does it need to build to best meet the vision and mission of the church?

  3. What can the church afford to build and how will it pay for it?

  4. What should be the timing of the church building program?

  5. Will the land support the vision, or where should the church build?

These and other questions should be answered before you contact a church architect or builder. This information is also very useful for building congregational support and helping to drive the church capital fundraising campaign.


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