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Capital Campaigns
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Dr. Rod preaches at a Kickoff Event which is a vital part of our program.

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What Is a Church Capital Campaign?


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A church capital campaign is a carefully choreographed series of events that encourages an ongoing offering for a given period of time above and beyond the current giving of tithes and offerings. It is designed to help raise money for large capital projects such as construction, renovation, the purchase of expensive items such as vans, organs, stained glass, or playgrounds, or for debt retirement. 


Most importantly, a biblical capital campaign is at least as much about spiritual growth as it is about raising money and produces both spiritual and financial fruit.



Characteristics of an Abundant

Giving Capital Campaign

  • Is spiritually uplifting.

  • Focuses on stirring the hearts of church members through clear biblical preaching and Bible study

  • Uses time-tested best practices adapted to your unique culture and situation.

  • Can meet the church fundraising goals and budgets of congregations from 70 to over 4,000 church members.

  • Is equally effective for raising funds for new construction, renovation, repairs, or debt retirement.

  • Is cost-effective enough for small churches, yet flexible and powerful enough to have raised over $9.5 million in a single church campaign.

  • A complete, turn-key program that includes professionally designed stewardship campaign themes and customized communication materials.

​Does Your Church Need a

Capital Campaign Consultant?

Yes. Because research shows that churches that implement their own capital campaign raise only about one-half of what they could have raised with professional counsel. Therefore the most expensive church capital campaign is the one done without professional assistance.

For example, a church with a $2M annual budget should be able to raise about two times annual giving in 3-year commitments ($4M) with professional guidance.  But if it decided to save $85K on consulting fees and, as a result, only raised 1-time annual giving ($2M), it wouldn't save $85K—it would lose $2M in potential giving.

Regardless of the size of your church, for every dollar invested in an Abundant Giving capital campaign, you will see a huge return.  



How Much Money Can We Raise?

A professionally facilitated church capital campaign will typically raise between 1 and 3 times the church’s current annual income. On average we raise 2 times anual giving in 3-year commitments.

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