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Benefits of a Church Capital Campaign

Grace Giving

  1. Increased unity and support for the building program: spiritually, financially, and emotionally.

  2. Cash and commitments that are normally one to three times your current annual budget.

  3. Spiritual growth, as people seek God’s will and trust His provision.

  4. Improved ability to obtain church construction financing.

  5. The necessary monthly cash flow to help service a mortgage.

  6. Increased cash reserves to provide a financial safety net.

  7. Increased excitement in the body of Christ.

  8. The spiritual benefits of a coordinated time of teaching and preaching regarding our money and possessions.

  9. Cash for up-front design fees and initial construction expenses.

  10. Potential to reduce the funds that need to be borrowed.

  11. In addition to the money raised in the campaign, it is not unusual to see regular tithes and offerings go up 10-15% during a capital campaign.

  12. The spiritual benefits of putting faith into action.


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