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What To Expect From A Church Capital Campaign

Offering and tithes

Expectation #1 – A Spirit of Unity and Individual Spiritual Growth

“Not only do we have a congregation full of people on fire with the vision of the Lord burning in their hearts, we exceeded both our first and second goals and are at this time less than $50,000.00 away from our Miracle goal!” – Pastor Thomas

Notice the order! Even though they were very close to hitting their miracle goal, notice that he is most excited about the spirit in the church!  Dan Armenta, the capital campaign chairperson of Metrocrest had similar thoughts:

“I believe that if we stopped right now, before we raised the first dollar, we will have had a successful campaign because of the spirit in the church and the spiritual growth of the people.” – Dan Armenta

When people catch the vision and prayerfully submit themselves to the will of the Lord, they become united in spirit.  People become united by striving and sacrificing for a common goal.

Expectation #2 – Financial Blessings

In capital campaigns, churches have historically raised between 1 and 3 times their current income in tithes and offerings over the course of a three-year giving period. While some consultants talk about getting results of four times or more, it can usually be attributed to either one very large gift that put a church over the top, or the fact that general giving was very poor and the four times annual giving is more of a reflection of previous poor giving than a commendation of excellent giving for the campaign.

The financial results from our capital campaigns match those of historic national averages--our typical church raises approximately two times current tithes and offerings.  Not only do our churches raise a considerable amount of money over and above annual giving in their campaigns, but we normally see an increase in tithes and offerings of 10-15% as a direct result of the church capital campaign.


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