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Biblical and Effective Church Fundraising For Your Building Fund

How do you determine the best way for your church to raise funds for your building project?

Church Offerings

Four Questions to Consider:

Will Our Church Fundraising Be Effective In Raising The Amount We Need?

The process and methods you use in fundraising for your building fund will depend on how much you need to raise. For instance if you are trying to raise $50,000 to repair heating and cooling or put a new roof on, that is a LOT different than trying to raise several hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for a major building building project. If you are trying to raise money for construction, bake sales and BBQ dinners won’t cut it, you need a church capital campaign for your fundraising.

Is Our Church Fundraising Biblical?

Almost everyone has heard a story about a church fundraising effort that was done poorly. Like anything else, there are right ways and wrong ways to do things. Your capital fundraising effort should be founded on clear biblical principles and theologically correct in implementation. Your biblical capital campaign should honor God and respect your congregation.

Is Our Church Fundraising Cost Effective?

Few churches have the recent experience or training to maximize the spiritual and financial results of a church capital campaign. If you want to raise the most money for your church building fund, you will greatly benefit from the coaching of an outside church capital campaign consultant. The use of a professional church capital campaign consultant will typically permit the church to raise approximately twice as much money as they otherwise would. Your goal should be to get the highest return on investment and avoiding the most expensive type of campaign.

Will Our Church Fundraising Solution Fit Our Unique Needs And Culture?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; you need a solution that can be tailored to the unique circumstances and culture of your church. A church fundraising campaign is based on the Word of God and best practices. You should seek a capital fundraising solution that is flexible enough to adapt proven best practices to your church’s unique needs.


The Right Church Fundraising Solution is Biblical, Effective, and Flexible.

We believe those are the hallmarks of the Abundant Giving Campaign. But don’t just take our word for it, consider what our church clients have said in both our testimonies as well as in the post-campaign customer satisfaction survey.


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