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Church Capital Campaigns

Raise Funds to Expand Your Ministry 

We help churches like yours determine their facility needs and biblically raise funds to reach more people for Christ.

Biblically raise 2 times annual giving to build, remodel, or retire debt. 

Get an objective analysis of what your church needs and can afford to build.

Want to Raise Funds and Build Without Stress? 

I’m Dr. Rod Rogers and I can help you do it biblically from a pastor’s perspective.

While pastoring the church I planted, I learned how to effectively teach God’s word on stewardship so that people joyfully responded with generous giving.

In the process, I realized that nothing bad happens when you talk about money.

There's no need for stress!



Steve-Swartz - Edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Dr. Steve Swartz
Senior Pastor
Grace Bible Church

Virtual Campaign

Using your virtual capital campaign, we received $1M in 3 years. This was more than 2 times our annual giving.

John Brock Feasability - Edited_edited_edited.png

John Brock

Pastor Emeritus

New Hope Church

Feasibility Study

Without speaking in exaggeration or hyperbole, Abundant Giving saved New Hope Church at least $1,000,000 and who knows how many hours of frustration.

Watch Dr. Rod Teach Stewardship in 5 Minutes 

Excerpt from a church capital campaign sermon. 

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Biblical fundraising is simply asking God’s people to give a contribution to the Lord from a willing heart for a project He has commanded.
(Exodus 35)

- Dr. Rod Rogers

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