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Dr. Rod Rogers

Se habla Español 

Feel free to contact Rod for a no-pressure conversation about your needs and our church capital campaign program. 

Stewardship Consulting Experience: Rod has led church capital campaigns as a pastor and consultant since the mid-nineties, serving churches nationwide.  He is also the creator of an annual giving program used by over 3,000 churches in 25  countries with weekly giving increases from 20 to over 100 percent.

His first experience with church capital campaigns came in the early nineties when, as a pastor, he hired a church capital campaign consultant to help him lead his congregation in three back-to-back, three-year capital campaigns. These campaigns transformed his church spiritually and financially and opened his eyes to the power of biblical stewardship teaching for making disciples.

Stewardship Author: Rod has written two books on biblical stewardship: a book for pastors, Pastor Driven Stewardship: 10 Steps to Lead Your Church to Biblical Giving, and a devotional, Giving That Pleases God: 6 Weeks to Biblical Stewardship. Unlimited quantities of each are available in eBook format to churches that implement our Abundant Giving capital campaign or annual giving program.

Pastoral Experience: Rod didn’t grow up wanting to be a stewardship consultant! Since he was called to pastoral ministry at age 15, he has had a passion for biblical exegesis in Greek and Hebrew and for expository preaching. He has over 30 years of pastoral experience as a youth minister in the USA and Portugal and as the founding and senior pastor of churches in Denver, Colorado, and Costa Rica. He also served as the Bible teacher on the radio program The Nourishing Word, and as Visiting Lecturer of Pastoral Theology at New Geneva Theological Seminary, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

All this pastoral experience enables him to lead your church through a capital campaign from the pastor’s perspective. He understands the concerns pastors have about talking about money in the local church. And he can share from personal experience how to lead a congregation into generous, sacrificial giving in a respectful and biblical manner.

Education: Rod has a diploma (Pastoral Ministries and Greek)  from Moody Bible Institute, a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from John Brown University, a Masters of Theology degree in Old Testament and Semitic Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from New Geneva Theological Seminary.

Certifications: He is also a Certified CHAT Coach (Church Health Assessment Tool). CHAT is a church survey using a user-friendly online process that allows churches to get accurate, anonymous feedback from the congregation in as little as thirty days. The CHAT instrument is based on the research and content from the Baker Bestseller, Becoming a Healthy Church. Using this survey, Rod helps churches assess their health based on 10 characteristics of a healthy church. 

Personal: He loves spending time with his family, reading (two to four books a week on his Kindle Paperwhite), traveling, and improving his Spanish. 

Additional Consulting Skills & Expertise

In addition to being a church capital campaign consultant, Rod provides a wealth of closely related skills and experience that augment the services he offers your church as a capital campaign coach. This breadth of knowledge and experience enables him to help your church implement capital campaign solutions that are developed in a context larger than just fundraising.

These solutions are designed not just to help you raise money or execute a capital project, but to help you build the church body, not just the church building.  

In summary, the skills Dr. Rod brings to your church’s campaign include: 

  • Experience as a successful church planter

  • Experience as a lead pastor in three churches, including one house church

  • Training in church growth and health

  • Experience as a missionary in Portugal and Costa Rica

  • Experience as a church lay leader

  • Marketing and communications experience

  • Adult small group and Sunday School teacher

  • Training and extensive experience in biblical counseling

  • Leadership professor and expert

This unique and broad blend of experience will help you chart a course that benefits not just the capital campaign, but the church’s mission and vision.

Stephen Rogers

Se habla Español 

Growing up as a PK and CK (“Preacher’s Kid” and “Consultant’s Kid”) Stephen has been immersed and trained in church life, church leadership, and church consulting since childhood.

He has studied at Moody Bible Institute, served as Children’s Church Director in a church in Costa Rica and as Worship Director in a house church in Colorado, and taught English as a second language to over a thousand students. He has shared the gospel with over 300 people from around the world.

Stephen has a passion for helping people and has extensive marital counseling, life coaching, and discipleship experience. 

Other assets Stephen brings to your church’s capital campaign include:

  • Profound understanding of, and ability to communicate, biblical principles of stewardship

  • Experience as a church leader

  • Experience as a missionary

  • Training in church growth 

  • Ability to communicate the principles of Scripture and best practices of church fundraising

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