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Annual Giving

 Dr. Rod Shares a Powerful Method

to Increase Weekly Giving

Sermon Excerpt from Choose Your Stewardship Model

Increase Your Annual Giving Biblically


See Annual Giving Testimonials

Do you need more money to hire staff, pay bills, upgrade sound and lighting, send missionaries, or expand your outreach? Increase your weekly offerings by 10 to 60 percent in five weeks, biblically.

The Dynamic Giving System™ was designed by Dr. Rod Rogers for use in his own church. Using this approach, he led his church to giving increases of 32, 23, 27, 19, and 18 percent in five consecutive years. While only 4 percent of church members tithe, 70 percent of his congregation gave 10 percent and more. 

  • Churches in the US typically see increases in regular giving of 10 to 60 percent in 5 weeks.

  • Implement the program annually forever, with no further investment required.

  • Churches that use the program annually see increases of at least 10 percent each year.

  • International churches may anticipate even more astounding results, some reporting as high as 200 to 300 percent.

Since the Dynamic Giving System has been used in over 3,000 churches in 25 countries, it is very likely that a church from your denomination has been involved. 



Why Use Our

Annual Stewardship Program?


Increased Giving


  • 10 to 60 percent increase in offerings

Spiritual Growth


  • Your congregation will learn about, and experience, the grace of giving.  

  • People’s faith will grow as they see God’s promises worked out in their lives.

Save Money


  • A one-time fee removes the need for an annual investment in new church stewardship programs.

  • Inexpensive to implement

Save Time


  • Never have to search for another church stewardship program.

  • No time-consuming preparation: ready-to-use program with sermons, handouts, letters, etc.

  • Giving increases quickly--in just 5 weeks.

Avoid Unnecessary Effort


  • The Pastor doesn’t need to invest laborious hours to design a church stewardship program, create sermons, find illustrations, and try approaches that may not work.

  • Our program is user-friendly and non-labor intensive (no time-consuming committee meetings or awkward home visits).

Relieve Stress


  • Stop worrying about paying church bills, meeting the budget, dealing with debt, and feeling defeated and helpless in the face of inadequate or declining giving.

  • Learn to talk biblically about money and giving with confidence, without using pressure or guilt.

  • Use a proven church stewardship program so you can't fail.

What Does Our Annual Giving Consultation Involve?

While each consultation is tailored to an individual church’s unique needs, consultations generally include these proven elements:

  • On-site training for the pastor and key leaders in The Dynamic Giving System(tm) ten-step strategy

  • Personal coaching for the pastor by telephone/email/video call as he implements the strategy

  • Ready-to-preach stewardship sermon series in print, electronic, and audio formats

  • A written, step-by-step guide to implementing the ten-step stewardship strategy

  • Extensive manual (hardcopy and copyable PDF & MS Word file) with the entire program spelled out in detail, including biblical and leadership principles regarding stewardship, and pre-written materials such as sermons, commitment or pledge cards, congregational letters, and estimate-of-giving cards.

  • Our focus is on transferring skills to the pastor so that he can successfully implement this dynamic stewardship strategy year after year—with a one-time consulting investment. If a congregation is without a pastor, arrangements can be made for the consultant to preach the sermon series and personally oversee the implementation of the program.


What Investment Is Required?


We use a tiered flat fee structure adjusted to your church’s giving levels to provide the same great value to churches large or small. In every case the church’s return on investment is significant, and, in many cases, will more than cover the consulting fees within a few weeks of implementing the program.

Church Fundraising

Dan King
First Presbyterian Church (PCA)
Stanley, North Carolina

“It’s great to be on solid ground again financially! Budget deficits turned into budget surpluses as soon as we implemented the biblical principles collected in this System. Better still, our people are growing in faith and in the joy of giving as they see the Lord’s faithfulness demonstrated in ways they’ve never experienced before.

After several years of just squeaking by financially, we’ve been freed up to move ahead in ministry. Three months after implementing the Dynamic Giving System, giving was up an average of 21% compared with the same period last year. We saw increases across the board–in offerings for the general fund and in giving for missions support.

I was skeptical at first, and very cautious all the way along. But I found the material presented here to be thoroughly biblical, something which I could confidently present to our congregation. I’m very glad I did. I had been guilty of neglecting for many years any really substantial teaching on stewardship issues. I have repented before my congregation, and vowed, the Lord helping me, never to lapse into that kind of pastoral unfaithfulness again. The encouragement and expertise Rod Rogers offers will be a welcome aid as I try to keep my commitment in the years ahead.”

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